Fran’s Kenya Diary – Sunday 15th January 2017

This is our last middle of the night start to get to airport. Online check in has failed again, so we get there a bit earlier to be safe. The check in at machine in terminal doesn’t work either, mild anxiety at this point. I realise we don’t actually have anything resembling what you might call a ticket, only the boarding passes from the outward journey that have the booking code on them. We go up to the desk and there is no  problem, so don’t know what all that was about, very mysterious. We have quite a while in the airport, sitting in a nice café which only gives change in dollars, which is quite weird.

The flight is in the day time this time, though we are not next to the window, so can’t see that well. There is turbulence again over Lake Nasser. Half way home is just before Cairo, so more or less half the trip is Africa and half is Europe and the Mediterranean. We have been reading about freezing conditions and heavy snow in Europe all week, so I am a bit concerned we will freeze to death on the way home, I only brought one thick hoody with me and no coat, just for surviving this bit of the journey. We find the bus and get home, seems to take forever after sitting on a plane all day, get a taxi at the bus station and we’re home. Everyone has survived, even Alfonz the chameleon.