The Fellowship has always had a strong focus on supporting those in cross-cultural work overseas and had a policy of committing 20% of our annual budget to their support. We are continuing to support our missionaries for 3 years from September 2016 and many people are continuing with support beyond this time to some or all of the missionaries.

The missionary prayer meeting is held at 8pm on the 4th Thursday of every month at Etloe Evangelical Church.

Peter and Julie Abungu – Kenya

Peter Abungu runs the Swahiba Youth Networks (SYN) outreach programme in Nairobi, Kenya. He is married to Julie and they have 3 children, James Baraka, Joy and Abby.

Peter qualified as a youth worker after taking a 2 year course with South West Youth Ministries, based in Devon. During this time, he was placed with us at the Fellowship for practical experience to complement the taught part of his course.

On his return to his home country of Kenya, he settled in Nairobi and followed God’s call to work with young people in the slum district of Kibera, which has an unknown population estimated at anywhere between 1 and 3 million people, living with no formal services from the local authority such as roads, sewerage, electricity or schools. He formed Swahiba Youth Networks which runs several programmes aimed at helping young people to break out of the destructive lifestyle of crime that dominates the slum. Some of these projects are focussed around the Blue House, a local charitably-run school that provides education to standard national matriculation level and Christian teaching for over 1,000 children in the slum.

In this video, Peter tells us about the work of SYN.

SYN projects

  • Jitambue – The J-Project: Swahili for “Understand Yourself”, a programme for teenage girls to learn to cope with the effects of puberty in the slum environment.
  • Tabasamu: or “Smile” in Swahili, a programme each Christmas to provide shoes for children in the slums.
    • Dominic tells the Fellowship about Tabasamu, and also about growing up in Kibera in this video.
  • Abide Camps: each summer, young people from the slums are taken on a Christian camp, many have never left Kibera before. The camp encourages them to think more positively about their lives.

More about Peter’s work

More details of Peter’s work can be found here.

Visits to Kenya

Various members of the Fellowship have visited Peter in Kenya and seen his work for themselves.

Ken and Ali Barrett – Spain

Ken and Ali Barrett went to Spain in 1985, although they had been praying for South America. Their work has been in the area of street evangelism, church planting, Bible teaching, student work and cultural bridge building initiatives. They have lived in Alcalá de Henares, a city of 200,000 people 25 kms N.E. of Madrid, since 1998 and Ken is currently an elder of the Brethren church there, building a leadership team. Alison networks with students of Alcalá University on behalf of the UCCF equivalent. Nationally Ken tutors in theology for teachers of evangelical courses in State schools and is General Secretary of the Madrid Bible Teaching Centre. Alison administers a national magazine published by that Centre. Ken’s street evangelism is mainly done in cooperation with Kilometre Zero, a creative team based in Madrid city centre. Internationally, Ken preaches in South America and Europe and is a board member (never “bored”) of Operation Mobilization in Spain. Their son Tim works in London and Esther is finishing post graduate studies in Switzerland.

Watch this video about the Kofi Jaus, Alcalá de Henares

Chris and Hilde Matheison – Spain

Chris and Hilde work in Mallorca – follow this link to find out more about them and find a link to their newsletters.

pray4spain is Chris’s website about all kinds of issues relating to Spain.

Korky and Anni Davey: OAC – UK and Various Overseas Countries

Korky and Anni Davey have worked with Open Air Campaigners (OAC) for many years. Having reached 80, Korky has allegedly retired.

See OAC South West evangelists.

Romans – OAC Uganda

Romans is a Ugandan working in his own country, he is the Director OAC for the country. Read his amazing story here.

Tabitha – OAC Uganda

Tabitha works in her home country of Uganda preaching and ministering God’s love in villages all around the country.

Jon Forth

Jon Forth works with Frontiers in the UK.

Farid and America Lozada – Colombia

The Lozada family works in Colombia as church planters, they have been in Colombia for more that twenty years developing a ministry as leaders of leaders of the Evangelical church in Colombia. Recently the Lozadas have been developing a ministry in the city of Cartagena in the North of Colombia, where they hope to move within the next year. The ministry there involves, social work, leadership trainning and evangelism. We do appreciate very much your prayers and support for the Lozadas and their two daugthers Susana and Carolina who are now studying in USA.

Evandro Luchini – Brazil

Evandro and Jane Luchini are Brazilians who lived in Bristol for 2 years working with the Fellowship. They are now back in Brazil.